Coolest Symmetrical Wave Chart!

Since my last update, prices moved down to perfectly strike my target of $13,800.  That could be it for wave 2, we’ll know for sure by morning.

Yes, there is an ugly Head & Shoulders potentially in play if the neckline breaks, I’ll show that tomorrow.

What I want to show for this post is the beauty of waves!

As I stated in the previous update, waves have a center point – that is the middle of the channel through which the waves travel through time.

Time, by the way, is NOT a dimension!  Time is NOT a frequency (frequency is frequency!)!  Thus your watch does NOT tell time, it tells frequency!

Time is: The relative position, energy state, and motion vector of everything in sequence relative to one another – all matter, and all energy that is not in the form of matter.

Thus time is a sequence, not a dimension, not a frequency.  This is a HUGE misunderstanding of modern science with BIG implications that I’ll go into when talking science.

Take a close look at the chart below.  You’ll see this is all of wave 2 down – two sets of ABC’s with little counter abc corrections in between.  Since wave 2 is all ABC’s we know that it is likely a corrective wave.


Also note in the chart the colored “fork” that I put on top of that “magnetic uptrend line.”  Now not the symmetry here of wave 2 down – Both “b” tops touch perfectly the middle of each half of the channel.  The begging and middle of the wave actually forecasted the end of the wave before it ended!

If this is the end of wave 2, then I will be delighted if prices then move up the fork as it becomes a channel higher.  It’s a lot steeper in the upward direction than it looks here – the slope of that channel is targeting $20,000 by the end of the month, assuming our wave count is now correct again.

If prices break that downtrend line, then we’ll know wave 3 has likely started.

The fooling part of wave 2 is that there’s a small H&S and a bigger one – but if this wave count is right, they will not play out as Head & Shoulders, but we’ll stay on guard.

Just think the symmetry is cool.  Will be fun to see price movement from here.


PS – yes, Nate has a nerd side if you didn’t know already…

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