This is What Dollar Failure Looks Like/ Crypto Madness!

In the old days I would talk about how poor the jobs report that came out this morning is.  I would dissect it, and talk about the fake jobs “created” by the BLS and about the Labor Participation rate that shows nearly one third of adults who can work are not working, yet are not counted among the unemployed!

The economic statistics are so broken and so inaccurate that to call them fake is actually flattery!  The reality is that there is a power and control conspiracy, and that the dissemination of false statistical data, and the fake narrative that fools people into believing the statistics are real, are criminal in scope.  At the very least they are amoral.

But all that is so one or two decades ago!  Today I simply laugh at the rot, it is a perverse joke that a few of us get and understand, but the rest will get very soon.  The crypto revolution is going to unmask the fake narratives by changing out those who back them financially.  Same goes for the very sick deep state – they will be dismantled soon enough, washed away as power and control shifts into the hands of the people.  But we must make the right choices, and we are!

When the proper rule of law is reestablished, economic data that is real will be a top priority.  Guess what?  Trusted ledgers will make that happen!  Sociopaths will not be able to corrupt and manipulate the data in the future, we will be able to KNOW what is real and what is not – no narrative will be needed.

Today the jobs report missed badly, yet the stock market is soaring!  Again!  A one-way melt up that can’t seem to ever go down.  But that’s because it, like most government statistics, is measured in Dollars.  Get it?  Things measured in dollars can’t go down when the entire world is creating trillions and trillions of them.  This broken money system is in failure mode right now – this is what it looks like!

News stopped mattering to the markets long ago.  In fact, up became down, and wrong became right.  Bad news became good news!  Why?  Because the central controllers have the market’s back!  And that is moral hazard writ large.

I’ll state this one again – President Trump is going to regret tying his success to the “success” of the stock market.  In fact, all mainstream Americans will regret it!  Why?  Because the stock market has been made irrelevant!  I already don’t care, and I know that it is dying, but most don’t know it yet.

The proper function of the stock market is to provide capital a means to finance legitimate business – businesses that produce and sell real productive things.  Today, the majority of the stock market funds “financialization.”  It has become everything… it boils down to the over production of money, and thus the destruction of its value.  It is happening because our money system was built on an improper foundation, that being the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  Cryptos are the undoing of that illegal Act, it will go away in the near future.

Today a fledgling company wishing to do an IPO will give up to half the IPO proceeds to Wall Street and to attorneys.  That is ending with the advent of the ICO (Initial Coin Offering).  And no, governments cannot stop them, and attempts to regulate them will fail – more on that in my crypto white paper.

So I have a news flash for the talking heads on CNBC – your jobs are going to go away!  New news companies will center discussions on the real businesses being created around this space.  The old regime of businesses are about to go under, the government is going to shrink and change dramatically, and if we’re lucky, it will be a quiet revolution.  But I think the more likely outcome is an all-out conflict that in the end will wash away those WHO are currently behind the sociopathic madness that hides behind the very FAKE mask of “globalism” and “central” “Federal” banking.

In the future, we won’t NEED or WANT banks as we know them now.  Our actions and our choices today will ensure that they don’t rule the new system.  PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR CRYPTO INVESTMENT WITH THIS IN MIND.


Bitcoin zoomed overnight exactly following the labeling on my big picture chart.  I believe that run to more than $16,000 was wave 5 of 1 up, and it may have one more push higher, wave 5 of 5 of 1.  Once that wave finishes, then we can expect a scary and precipitous drop in Bitcoin again!

Be ready, that will be wave 2 down.  Wave 2’s are meant to scare you and to fool you.  You will question if the bear market has really ended or not.  If you are day trading, you will swap out positions over and over and will lose money!  This is because most people are still fearful of the last 50% plunge.  The majority of weak hands will not hold through wave 2, they will capitulate at exactly the time wave 3 up strikes.  Strong hands will hold, and really smart ones will be buying this next dip with both fists!

By the end of wave 3 up, those who were claiming that Bitcoin is going to zero will once again have egg on their face.  The CNBC news anchors will marvel, but they will not recognize the revolution that is ending their employment.  This revolution is THE MOST IMPORTANT technology, investment opportunity, and social order change of all our lifetimes.

Here’s my Big Picture Bitcoin chart.  I believe that we’re still on track to reach the $20k area by the end of the month:


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